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Das sagen unsere Spieler

I was extremely impressed with not only the positive attitude and professionalism of the staff, but also their attention to detail and flexibility. They are truly an event coordinators dream to work with.

Willie Wise

Willie Wise

Incredibly nice and motivated game masters, and the Amissa Anima Mea room is just so much better than what you’re used to, with good riddles and an all-round immersive room design. Great job, guys!!

Uwe Philippin

My wife and I have played the Amissa anima mea room … and it was awesome!! Having now played more than 140 rooms and a dozen very scary room in the world, we can say this one ranked 1st in terms of puzzles/riddles for scary rooms and 3rd in terms of scariness. Be aware that we are not easily scared and this one gave us shivers. (…) This is definitivly a must do in Austria. (…)